What I do

You are considering buying real estate in Tasmania’s beautiful Huon Valley.

Well done.

If you are like me when I was buying in the valley, you wish you knew a local  who could provide independent advice about the valley and the properties for sale.

You want as much information as possible to help you make a smart decision.

As I did, you’ll likely find it uneconomical to fly to the island every time you see an eligible property advertised.

You need someone on the ground who can visit properties and send you early advice.

I can send a video and pictures of my initial tour. Pictures of things the agent might not send you. I can supply a written report about the area, about the neighbours, and about other things I might know.

You might like to have me tour with you during your appointments with property agents.

My name is Matthew Flynn and I have lived in the valley since 2011. I have two children going to school in the valley.

We moved here from Darwin, NT, and have a broad appreciation of the quirks of the valley and the challenges mainlanders may face when moving here.

I am a semi-retired newspaper journalist and magazine publisher with excellent references.

I have no affiliation with property agents in the valley, or elsewhere in Tasmania, and my work is strictly funded by the negotiable fee paid by those who hire me.

I am not a property agent and I receive no commissions from agents or sellers of any sort.

If you need an independent advisor to help you with your move to southern Tasmania, give me a call, or email.

My input could help avert a bad decision. 

It could save you a fortune, and a lot of heartache.

The valley is a wonderful place. Start your new life on the right foot.

Email me at hiredhelp@huonrealestate.com or phone 03 6266 0137.